May 06, 2011

Working from home

So I'm now 14 months into this PhD thing. (I refer to it as 'PhD thing' because it seems to be an amorphous beast that I rarely have my head around). My time so far has been spent rotating between Canberra (where my uni is), Katherine (where my home is) and Ngukurr/Numbulwar (where the speakers of the languages I'm studying/learning are).

My time in Canberra and out bush (Ngukurr/Numbulwar) are generally very fruitful and in both those locations I find it easy to be inspired by others around me. In Canberra - clever, knowledgable and inspiring linguists and in Ngukurr/Numbulwar - clever, knowledgable and inspiring elders. Working from home in Katherine has been the least inspiring place for me to focus on my studies. Firstly, I get caught up in other things happening around town, ranging from the tennis club, netball comp, interpreting, exciting visitors to catch up with, home renovations, etc. Secondly, working from home is not always the most conducive space for studying - the TV is always nearby, it's easy to sleep in and I'm not being held very accountable for my diligence or lack thereof.

However, all that changed recently, after investing in a fancy new desk and office set-up. It's re-inspired me and the past few days I've found myself doing all the right things to make this PhD thing unfold successfully: reading, backing up, processing recordings, adding to my dictionary database, even writing rough thesis notes.

Here's what my office set-up looks like now. I'm quite pleased with it! And that desk took 3.5 hours to put together which was gratifying in itself!

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