March 08, 2005

feeling better today

what's this? another blog post already?

well, don't ask me how, but i'm feeling a bit inspired... or is it cuz i just can't sleep.

after a rather depressing post yesterday, i've actually had a good day today and feel much happier. i don't really know how it happened! maybe i made some progress today. the day started off with a brief conflict with a highly regarded academic linguist... who tried to intimidate me (and probably did)... so my day didn't start off great.

but i guess some of the good things that happened were: talking a bit of Alawa again (which i miss), actually getting somewhere with developing the school language program, getting permanent access to the ultra-flash study centre next door (so we don't have to always be sweating on my tiny verandah while we work) and meeting someone here at ngukurr who could actually alter the state of sad and sorry lovelife.

i tell you, some of the people i work with are pretty inspirational sometimes. i'm so proud when i see how determined they are and that i am actually helping them get to where they wanna go. and more and more i hear stories about people wanting to keep langauge strong (not just rhetoric either, with actual meaning) and i'm not even starting the conversation!

i think i'm also happy cuz i'm sleeping on the floor again, on my swag. i find it very comfortable somehow and it reminds me of sleeping on the classroom floor at hodgson downs and all my memories of Hodgson Downs are happy ones.

well, it's after 1am now... if i don't sleep soon i definitely won't be having a good day at work tomorrow.


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Jhuny-Boy Borja said...

Hey Greg-boy.

It's good to hear your news; that you are slowly becoming a blogging geek. YAY! Join the party!

And, oh yeah, glad to hear that things are looking up for you, work-wise.

Lots of Luv,