October 23, 2005

bedrum bla main

dijan foto im shoim yu wotkain main rum. ai bin teigim det foto wen ai bin jidan la main sweg. yu gin luk main telibijin en postamob en futon main du. trai luk det neks foto du, im shoim yu main rum burrum nathasaid.


Catalin said...

Thanks, Greg, I like reading the Kriol. Sorry I can't comment in Kriol.

Your room looks cozy and clean! What was uncomfortable about the futon? Or is the swag just like a dreamy luxury bed?

I'd like to know what the view is out your window. Is there just one window? Can you take a photo of that for us?

Wamut said...

i don't quite know why the futon isn't comfy, but i find i just have lovely deep sleeps on my swag. i reckon there's something about sleeping on the ground... i mean humans were built to do it... we'd been doing for a very long time before beds were invented.

as for the view out my window, if you look at the photo on the post 'what a day', you'll find my bedroom window. it's the second one along the wall on the right-hand side, the window at that bloke's head. so yeah, the view is just scrubby scrub. i'll try n take a photo n post it.

hehe... i'll have to start a series of 'home living' blogposts... coming soon: my bathroom! hehe...