April 22, 2006

still here

Hello to anybody still looking at this blog. I'm still here at Ngukurr. I just haven't felt like writing much lately and haven't had anything I wanted to get off my chest and on to my blog. I suppose the longer I'm here the more ensconsed I am in life here and the more normal life here becomes for me.

But yes, I'm still here and not going anywhere. Literally. The roads out of here have been cut for a couple of months now. Luckily, I got to fly out of here a month ago for a week or so, but since coming back I haven't been able to leave. Which is fine, but it's now four weeks which is about my limit before going a bit stir crazy and spending too much time fantasising about being able to go to a cafe and pay someone to make me a nice coffee. Don't ever take those things for granted!

I'm hoping to be able to drive to Katherine in a week or two, but there's another stinkin cyclone hanging around which might have plans of thwart.


bulanjdjan said...

And your readers are still here too! Really enjoy reading your blog. Even if the 'audience' may not make its presence felt in the comments, they're still checking in to know what you're up to.

Catalin said...

Yep. We're thinking about you too, Wamut! I hope you get a chance to have someone make you a nice coffee.

We just moved into our new place in Oakland. We have so far avoided going into debilitating shock with the sensory overload of big city life. We're definitely not about to take it for granted!

Catalin (and Justin)

Claire said...

Hi wäwa,
Just saw your link to my blog (anggarrgoon) so I've been having a bit of a read.
I know exactly what you mean about the coffee!
I guess you're a bit south of the area that Monica hit hard, but I hope things are ok. Any news you have about communities further north would be great - no phones and no news that I've heard. I'm particularly worried about Murruŋga outstation.

Wamut said...


dubala baba main bin rait la mi... Catalin, lovely to hear from you. Hope all is well. I'm thinking of you en yunmi banji, yu hasben.

and hello waawa (how do you put YM characters in comments??) good to hear from you. I haven't heard much about the cyclone... it only brought a bit of rain here. you probably know what i do: Maningrida was badly affected but everyone's okay and everyone on Goulbourn Is was evacuated to Pine Creek but they're all okay too... that's all i know...

Wamut said...

oops... yapa, i mean... sorry yapa... (that's right isn't it?)

Claire said...

Yep! Is yapa and wäwa in currency at Ngukurr too?

I've got Keyman and I made a Yolŋu Matha unicode keymapping for it, so I can type with Yolŋu characters in anything that'll take unicode. Most necessary for Yan-nhaŋu blogging (and incidentally for transcription...) It's for pc but it's possible to set up something similar for Mac too. I don't know if I can share the keyboard files (I think I have a single user license for making keyboards) but if you're interested send me an email (anggarrgoon at gmail) and I can either send you the file or give you instructions about how to make one.

Word of the day: hnidxbd: 8-hour old blistered sandfly bites.

Wamut said...

yeah, we have biggest mob wawa here at ngukurr mostly ritharrngu and waagilak mob but i work with a rembarrnga man who is our wawa too. my brothers from other language groups i call baba or braja.