July 27, 2007

here i am

so slow with posting... sorry. so much happens and i have so much to share but so much of what happens is going by unblogged.

also, the politics (intervention etc.) is getting me down and is so overwhelming that i just don't know where to start blogging about it.

but i've had pretty good week at work. most of it has been out bush seeing places that i haven't seen before. Tuesday was a day trip to Walgundu with is a special site with rock art n lots of stories n history. The highlight was hanging out with some Alawa speakers that I used work with quite a bit and finally doing a bit of language work on Alawa again. Wednesday was in the office and the CDEP team worked so well - they're such a good team at the moment. But they're the ones pushing me to work! They made a gazillion flashcards for teaching and then we got through a fair bit of a Kriol translation job we're doing. Which is tiring but definitely not a bad thing! And Thursday/Friday was an overnight bush trip to Nyanyalindi as part of a school excursion for the high school kids. The mob I took were great company and we saw lots of country that I hadn't been to before and I helped (well, mostly watched) AP make spears and they had a bit of bunggul for the kids at night and I had fresh bream for lunch straight out of the fire. Tired but satisfied. :-)

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