August 10, 2007


The government's intervention legislation is being discussed in the senate today. I'm still disgusted and disheartened by the government's actions - mostly with the process and approach they've taken with the whole affair, but also with some of the things that they're legislating (e.g. needing to suspend the racial discrimination act to pass through the legislation... surely that's gotta raise alarm bells).

It's all pretty depressing, especially when you feel so powerless to change what's happening. And that's exactly the reason why ppl are complaining about the paternalistic approach and lack of consultation - it's leaves ppl feeling completely disempowered...

And so today, some of the most important legislation concerning Ngukurr ppl is going through the senate, but ppl here at Ngukurr are barely aware of it. It is not fair and it is not just.

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emily said...

Yo, Wamut, nha mirri nhe?
I'm Emily, Guitjan, living in Melbourne and friends with the Yolngu Madarrpa mob at Yilpara.
It is truly inspiring to read your blog. Your honesty, integrity, and awareness come across so strongly. The intervention is so scary and I feel overwhelmed, angry, helpless, completely deprived of clear information on the government's intentions, bombarded with spurious rhetoric, and a long way from the people I really want to see and talk to, in Arnhem Land. Cutting off CDEP is going to hit hard - what will happen to your language assistants who you mentioned? Anti-homelands policy is just SO, so, terribly wrong.
I got onto this site through facebook and i really appreciate your voice. You're making a difference, no matter how isolated you feel. Kia kaha ('keep strong' in maori).