April 01, 2008


Poor neglected blog. I blame Facebook. This blog used to be a good way for ppl I know to find out what I'm doing. Now facebook has taken that role and my blog is sadly neglected.

That and I'm not being much of a linguist these days. How exciting can it be blogging about reporting to funding bodies or replying to emails.

But I'm still here. :-)

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Catalin said...

I'm sure you could make your work sound interesting! The life of an administrator has its ups and downs, too, right?

Are you still 'interim' or 'temporary' or are you the official real deal now? Do you ever get a chance to go out bush?

What interesting things are happening around K-Town? Are you involved in sport? Have you taken up wrestling yet? Have any of my countrymen in uniform been in town? Anything new on the menu at the Den?

There are any number of things you could write about! And for those of us who are far away, your stories and images will remind us that our time there was not a dream and that it is a real place.