September 17, 2008

more languages!

I'm starting to get ready for next week's week of teaching which involves students from Timber Creek area who speak Ngarinyman and Jaminjung - two languages I know very little about! (Which is fine - I have a tutor and as long as I know the alphabet of those languages, I can put together a workshop).

Yesterday when my tutor was telling me a bit about Ngarinyman I freaked out. It's all Pama-Nyungan and weird. Give me pronominal prefixes anyday. heheheheheh.


bulanjdjan said...

"Give me pronominal prefixes anyday."

You're a freak! :) Wanna tackle the Dalabon set of 100+ distinct forms, and counting?

I think you'll find there's a lot to love about PN lgs...

Peter Austin said...

Many years ago Michael Walsh had the same reaction when he worked on a South Australian PN language for the first time - I remember him saying "you really gotta listen to the ends of words, amazing".

John said...

Hey Greg!
It's John, "from" Iceland. I re-stumbled onto your blog from a link on the SOAS Endangered Languages project page. I'm in Iceland again; I got a grant to study linguistics here for a year and am hoping to apply for a PhD next year. I don't have your email address; send me a note if you get a chance.