December 19, 2008

A few more links

It's my last day at work before my Christmas break and I feel slack. If you want something to procrastinate, here are some things to look at (thanks to Claire for these links):

AIATSIS has launched 'AUSTLANG' - a comprehensive database with every Aboriginal and TSI Language. You can find out basic stuff like where each language is, how many speakers there are, how well it's been documented and by who etc. You can also update the info if you're a clever chicken with more info to add. Have a look at AUSTLANG.

Jangari is another clever chicken who has been involved in developing Aboriginal language applications for mobile phones. Having already starred on SBS news, he's now in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Good work.

Speaking of good work, the lobbying and awareness-raising about the effects of the awful four-hours-of-English-instruction-in-NT-schools policy is beginning to pay. The Education Minister has softened a little and is giving schools a year to 'transition' into the new policy. A good start, and good to feel like my efforts in lobbying and awareness-raising might have actually made a difference!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your blog. I came across it the other while looking for some info on Rembarrnga and have started reading it (I'm up to 2008 so far). I'm in my second year of a ling major at UNE and am blogging with a fellow student of Australian Languages. We just started a new blog ( I'd really like to put a link to your blog on our blog if thats ok with you?
Anyway, its been great reading your blog as so far its been hard to find such an honest account of a field linguist's experiences.
Good on you for blogging and I look forward to reading more!