February 04, 2009

Newsflash! Marion Scrymgour removed as NT Education Minister

I just heard that Marion Scrymgour, who's been causing me and others grief with bad education policies has been removed and replaced by Paul Henderson. (see here).

Hopefully this is good news for bilingual education, for Indigenous language education and for remote education in general. Marion was obviously concerned about these things, but never seemed to do her research (or just got bad advice) and her policies of late were misguided and ill-informed. Fingers crossed for positive change.

Now I just hope that others who are in a position of power in a certain local organisation are next in line to be removed. Their actions aren't doing anyone any good at all.


Perez said...

Times are a-changing! It seems things are looking up for a rejuvenated Wangka Maya too. Good opportunities for community-minded linguists to get on board, I say.

Michelle Crowther said...

Hey Wamut,

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Bob Gosford put me onto your blog...would love to have you involved on Sunday to talk about all the shifting sands of Territory parliament.

Let me know if you're keen. My blog (in desparate need of an update, I've been on holidays) is

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Michelle Crowther said...

oh , just had a look at mine and you have to go back to December. Yes, that's the last time I posted. ouch.