March 16, 2011

Useless bank

It's been said before but life in remote communities is tough.

I've been helping the language gang at Ngukurr to establish themselves as an independent organisation to re-start the language revitalisation activities they were carrying out for years under the auspices of the now-crippled Katherine Language Centre. The Ngukurr group have held meetings and taken all the right steps to get established. Next on the list is to open a bank account. At a meeting, they decided on signatories and chose ANZ as their preferred bank (one of three major banks with branches in Katherine), all sensible and following the right processes.

So today I went to ANZ to get the account-opening process started. The good news was that the Ngukurr mob have done everything right and have everything they need. Just one "simple" step that actually wasn't simple at all and really pissed me off...

"So the signatories just need to come in to the branch and then we can set up the account".

Sounds so simple! Except that they're in Ngukurr which is 320kms away, which gets cut off by road for up to 6 months a year, which is happening now and until maybe June. Plus they're old, not always in great health and live off of Centrelink pensions.

"What's the provision for people in remote communities who can't get into town? Surely they could get certified copies of all their documentation", I asked.

"Sorry, there's nothing we can do."

"So what happens when people physically can't come to the branch? There has to be some provision for that?"

"Sorry, that's just how it is."

I'd hit a brick wall with zero compassion from the bank staff I was talking to. There was nothing I could do but just leave, displeased (to put it mildly).

Displeased and thinking what a crap policy that is. We're talking about an account for a not-for-profit community organisation here. And the bank is saying that all signatories, who are all old and live off Centrelink benefits, are required to make an impossible journey just so they can bank with no-compassion ANZ?

Talk about putting up brick walls to good people in remote communities who are just trying to do something positive.

I'm still angry.

When I got home I phoned ANZ to repeat my inquiry and I was given the same line. Which was awful, but then I asked how I can make a complaint, which I did and they now have to attend to my complaint. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Unless there's a change in what the ANZ is saying, the options for the group are to have another official meeting and change the bank of choice (I know Commonwealth accepts certified copies) or magically find $2200 to fly the signatories in just so they can 'present' at the bank. Or wait 2-3 until the roads clear and go to the branch that way, which is still expensive as well as a big waste of time.

It's not fair at all. A big fat thumbs down to ANZ. Boooooooooo!!!!


Peter Austin said...

Is ING Direct an option for the group? They offer an "Orange Everyday" account with ATM card and no fees, and a "Savings Maximiser" account that pays 6.35% interest for new customers. I opened an account with them when I was in Australia on sabbatical last year -- application is done on line and you only need to go to a Post Office to have proof of identity documents checked, which are them immediately returned. The accounts I set up have worked flawlessly for the past 12 months. I don't know if this is an option in NT but it might be worth considering going outside the "traditional" Australian banks.

[I have no connection with ING Direct and am not spruiking for them -- just wanted to share my good experience and suggest you might consider it if it is an option for you.]

Anonymous said...

Awful story.
The ANZ website may be of interest:

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