July 05, 2011

Nga-gin.garra na-Jidni-yurr, nga-jurra na-Balda-yurr / I'm here in Sydney and going to Boulder!

Just a quick Hi while I have a few hours to kill in Sydney Airport.

After a few great weeks out bush (that I haven't described in nearly enough detail here), I'm off on a whole different cultural experience. And believe me, compared to what I'm used to, sitting in a fancy cafe in Sydney Airport about to board a plane for America is definitely a cultural experience for me.

I'm off to Boulder, Colorado to attend the 2011 Linguistics Institute, which is a summer school held bi-annually that attracts a lot of very clever linguists who come from all over the globe to deliver short courses on specialised topics. I'm excited and a bit nervous and going in expecting it to be an awful lot of work and assignments. As my Facebook friends may already know, I was also very pleased to see that my accommodation at the uni is very close to the tennis courts, so my beloved Babolat racquet has a prized place in my suitcase. :)

But I'm also excited about being challenged and learning lots. The courses I've chosen are:
- Frame Semantics and Verb Constructions
- Intro to Morphology
- Dialectology and
- Pidgin and Creole languages: a linguistic, historical and cognitive overview

As they say in Iceland: Mjög spennandi! (Very exciting!)

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