June 07, 2013

Baba ba im. And a bidiyo.

I just noticed how odd this string of syllables looks:
... baba ba im, im ...
 But it's not odd at all. It's a perfect little string of Kriol words that means:
... his/her sibling is ... 
And who said Kriol words were hard to pronounce?

In other Kriol language learning news, the first of three Roper Kriol verbs videos is done and up on the Ngukurr Language Centre YouTube page. I mentioned on a previous post that while at Ngukurr recently, an audio recording session with two of the young guys who've been a great help to me with my Kriol research turned into an impromptu video recording session with them demonstrating some of the substrate verbs that are common in Roper Kriol. The first video shows three of the verbs: moi, gubarl and ngum. Kamahl's acting is suberb! You might notice the camera wobbling noticeably when he's scavenging (gubarl) cigarette butts. That's me trying not to laugh too much! Hope you like the vid. Parts 2 and 3 will be done soon hopefully.

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