January 21, 2014

How to make this planet a bit cooler? (Ambiguity intended!)

Half of Australia, including me, was stuck in a mega-heatwave last week. It was really hot. Like, really hot. I just kept thinking that it's global warming, it's the way of the future and that we're bringing this upon ourselves. But I also kept thinking of all the ways we can use less energy and carbon. I know our individual contributions will barely make a difference, but you gotta start somewhere. Here's what I came up with (I already try to do lots of these, but of course lapse very easily):

- Waste less food.
- Drink tap water.
- Turn more lights off.
- Use a little car instead of a big car.
- Use a scooter instead of a car.
- Use a bike instead of a powered vehicle.
- Walk.
- Travel in groups more.
- Use public transport more.
- Travel less.
- Go on holidays to nearby destinations. (Domestic travel FTW!)
- Use the aircon less.
- Don't turn the aircon down too low
- Drive with the windows down instead of with aircon on.
- Turn appliances and devices you hardly use right off instead of on standby.
- Choose products with less packaging.
- Buy bigger quantities so you use less packaging.
- Drink coffee out of china rather than disposable cups.
- Shut down you computer when you’re not using it.
- Turn the monitor off too.
- Take shorter showers.
- Don’t wash your clothes in hot water.
- Don’t use clothes dryers.
- Look into getting solar power.
- Get solar power.
- Make solar power more of a thing.
- Have fewer kids.
- Send your kids to the local school.
- Make them walk or ride to school.
- Consume less.
- Buy less crap.
- Buy stuff that lasts.
- Buy the most energy efficient appliances.
- Look at advertising less.
- Avoid products with planned obsolescence.
- Avoid waste at work too.
- Use the stairs instead of the lift.
- Meet over phone or Skype rather than travel to meet face-to-face.
- Say no to Nespresso and those other wasteful coffee pod things.
- Plant a tree.
- Plant lots of trees.
- Go plant some trees in a random bit of vacant land.
- Be an environmental vandal (in a good way I mean... like get stuff to grow everywhere).

What do you reckon of my random collection of ideas? How much do you even think about this stuff. Please add your own suggestions. I’d be really happy for more ideas on how to be carbon-conscious.

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