April 17, 2015


This is a bit random, but I had to share. I've been lolling and beating my fist on the table all night at this video (yes, literally). I had no idea a 17 second cutaway on a TV show could be so LOL-worthy. It really tickles my fancy ... the idea of this cruel gameshow called "Homonym":

The cleverness of 30 Rock is only just dawning on me, about 10 years too late. But my appreciation went up a whole nother level when I saw they'd gone all multilingual on the idea and done Homonym in Farsi (Persian)! It's gold:

I love that the presenter is just as cruelly funny in Farsi and the Farsi-speaking contestant is brilliant too. I'm very glad that someone put a translation on YouTube. It's goes like this:
Presenter: The next term: milk/tap/lion (all pronounced شیر  'sheer' in Farsi - a triple homonym)
Contestent: Sure. "شیر". Like a large cat?
Presenter: No, the other one.
Contestant: Go to hell! (Literally "soil on your head" as in entombed, or simple "die")
Presenter: [Maniacal laugh]

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