November 15, 2005


Ai garrim wanbala gajin iya la Ropa en im hambag la mi nomo lilbit. Im oldei askim mi 'Gajin! Wotaim yu gon hodgson downs?' en, 'Ai kaman gada yu?'. Dijan gajin main, im sotava handicapped wan, bobala, bat im sabi hambag, ai dali yu.

En ai nomo laigim wen im hambag mi. Samtaims mi brabli rud la im. Kapula taim ai bin jas ranawei from im en gu la Hodgson Downs misel en imin apset la mi bla tharran.

A couple of weeks ago, i finally took her to hodgson downs with me. I wasn't happy about it, but after saying no for so long, i was obligated to take her at least this one time. But you know, my gajin, who is slow (is mentally handicapped the right word?), a terrible humbug, and has always frustrated me for 'getting in the way when i'm trying to work', well, she put me to shame. I took her to hodgson downs and brought her back, and she wasn't anymore trouble than any other passenger. On the way back, she asked if we could stop in at roper bar store (a slight detour to the only shop along the 2 hour drive - more humbug!). She asked me if i wanted anything and i said an iced coffee and a bag of chips. And she bought them for me. And told me that she liked sharing, it makes her feel good inside. Didn't I feel small and selfish?

That was a few weeks ago.

Today, I did something nice for someone else and it did make me feel good inside. My anggurl E, an old man who does seem to have much family or anybody looking after him much, has been working at language centre all year without any complaint or humbug. When I went to katherine a few weeks ago, I bought him a tree for his yard. It's a tamarind tree, and will hopefully grow into a nice big shade tree with tucker to boot. I planted it in his yard for him today and i feel good.

Thank you gajin. You taught me something important.

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