November 22, 2005

feeling slack and getting a present

I don't know what it is but me and everybody else here seems to be feeling slack at the moment. I partially blame the lunar cycle. I believe that for the few days after a full moon, you generally get a slack and unmotivated feeling. Full moon was last wednesday. But I also think it's because the end of the year is nearing and maybe we're all winding down. I know that I'm certainly looking forward to my xmas break. Do you know that right now is the longest I've ever been away from Brisbane. I can't wait to see that place again and some of the people in it.

Besides feeling slack things are still rolling on. Last friday was a slack day, but a couple of people I work with were trying to sell some stuff they'd been given by family from Numbulwar. They had necklaces, didjeridus and woven baskets. They were trying to sell the baskets so they could afford to throw their 2 year old granddaughter a birthday party. The baskets were absolutely stunning I tell you. And even more impressive when you realise the amount of work that goes into them. They sold one for $200 (it was massive) and gave another one for free to the person they sold it. I was thinking... man those baskets are beautiful I wish I was given one! but oh well.

Anyway, no need to feel hard done by because those two, who are ultra kind and generous and accommodating, offered me one of the didjeridus later on. It's a really nice one too and my first didjeridu. I might have to learn to play now!

Deep down, I think I was still wishing they'd have offered me a basket. And then I realised - of course they're not going to offer me a basket... baskets are for women and didjeridus are for men. Haha... silly me.

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Catalin said...

That made me grin. Twice.

I am enjoying the idea of you learing to play the didj. Yep. What's next? Firesticks?

Seriously, though, being given a didj by them is really nice.