August 28, 2006

bush trip!

Numerous meetings. Lots of 'community consultation'. Permission forms. Buying food, fruit n veg, camping gear in Katherine. Hiring a troopy from Darwin... I'm exhausted and the trip hasn't even started yet.

We're going on a big bush trip tomorrow. 4 days and 3 nights at a place called Towns River. There'll be about 30 of us in 4 troop carriers. It's pretty huge. I've been left with most of the organising (my main co-organiser recently became a widower and hasn't been working) and I'm buggered already. My situation hasn't been helped by being on the verge of anxiety attacks for the past week because I've been irrationally fearing the worst (like no one will come, everyone will starve and complain, we'll get lost, everyone will have a terrible time etc. etc.)

But I'm looking forward to it now. And so I should, I've put lots of work into it. The trip is for Marra people. It's for old people to go to Marra country with young people to teach them about country, culture and language. It should be good. My job is also to document the trip (audio, video) and I'm sure it'll be great. I'll be the only munanga too, which isn't too unusual, but being out bush for most of the week will be different. I think it'll be a bonding experience and I'm sure I'll learn lots. And I'm sure I'll be absolutely exhausted when we come back on Friday. (Which is when I have to work out how to get the rental troopy back to Darwin for Saturday morning!)


bulanjdjan said...

Good luck main san!

There's nothing quite like a bush trip to induce severe and incessant anxiety attacks. Ah, yes, remember them well.

I also remember the fun, the adventure and sense of sharing. And learning. Photos please, when you get back?

Sophie said...

ezgyOh main boi!
I am sure it will be wonderful... I will be thiking of you and sending you lots of patience and love
You Rock
najawan mami