November 01, 2006

payday, cards and nappies

Today is payday and that means it's time for the big card games to start while everyone's cashed up.

After school program today I was driving around with the two guys who teach Waagilak. We drove past one camp where there was a big group of people playing cards.

"Gardi, bigis kadgeim jeya." (Woah, big card game there). I said.

My waawa, W, said, "Thei nomo sabi gu la toilet wen thei la kad". (They don't go to the toilet when they're playing cards). "Maitbi thei gu la toilet jeya igin." (They probably go to the toilet right there).

And we all chuckled.

Then my maari T goes, "Thei maitbi plei garri kimbis". (They probably play with nappies on).

And we all chuckled even more.


1 comment:

aidhoss said...

What game do they play, 3-10?

I watched it being played for almost an hour one day - I was certain there is something more to it that making a multiple of ten in 2, or better, 3 cards.
Is there?