April 26, 2007

hear hear

From ABC News website:


Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser says the Federal Government has ignored most of a major report on the removal of Indigenous Australians from their families.

In the lead up to next month's 10-year anniversary of the 'Bringing Them Home' report, Mr Fraser has attacked the Government's handling of Indigenous affairs, saying it has regressed.

Mr Fraser says neither the Federal Government nor the Opposition is showing any real interest in Aboriginal affairs.

He says more money needs to be spent on health, and education has gone backwards.

Mr Fraser, who is a co-patron of the Stolen Generations Alliance, says there is no stark point of difference between the two major parties on Aboriginal affairs.

He says the Federal Government should follow the Canadian Government's example.

"The Canadians have shown a very real interest in resolving these problems," he said.

"The kind of interest that hasn't come from Canberra, [from] either party.

"I don't really believe has come from either of the major parties in the state arena."

Former Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) chair, Lowitja O'Donoghue, has supported Mr Fraser's stand.

She says this is the worst time in Aboriginal affairs history.


jangari said...

He's certainly proving valuable in his old age, isn't he?
I think Mike Carlton refered to him as former Liberal prime minister turned subversive left-wing anarchist.


Philip said...

Hello Wamut, I'm enjoying your blog very much. I am studying linguistics and would love to write a couple of essays on the stuff you're doing at Ngukurr. I'm not sure how you'd feel about this but I'll hopefully give you a call tomorrow to chat about it (couldn't find your email address).
Philip, Melbourne

Wamut said...

Hi Philip,

Glad you're enjoying my blog (although I do find it hard to get used to people I don't know reading it... it didn't start out that way, but hey, it's kinda flattering!)

Feel free to email me, i'm at munanga at bigpond dot com


jangari said...

I especially enjoy getting comments from people with very non-specific handles, then upon checking their email address you see that they're actually a very well-known and respected linguist!

Hmm, was that switch-reference?