April 09, 2007


This time of year there's only two ways to leave Ngukurr: either on a very small aeroplane or as shown - by a 30min/1hr boat ride up to Fomail (which is still 300kms from Katherine).

Which is what I did the other day. And now I'm having a lovely Easter in Katherine. I wonder if I'll get to drive back to Ngukurr?


jangari said...

Where's ya modaga? Do you leave it in Fomail while you're in Ngukurr?

Looks like an awesome boat ride, though.

bulanjdjan said...

Nice pics, main san!!

Wamut said...

from Fomail, mela bin geda lif burrum Roper Bar store mob la Roper Bar store. From jeya, mela bin lafta album Nighthawk courier mob loudumap ola enijing bla Ngukurr. From jeya, mela bin gu garrim modiga bla main fren dubala P en W en mela bin travelling then, olawei la Katherine.

7.5 hours from start to finish. Gotta love wet season.

Jhuny said...

Hey buddy, great pics! Shure is one impressive river.

Anyway, hope you had a good Easter!