November 14, 2008

Crikey has picked up on the NT-Government-kills-off-bilingual-education issue. Check out the article by clicking here.

Note in the comments, the same old arguments keep resurfacing about 'they need English to be able to get on in the world'. From reading these comments and comments on other news forums, it seems that lots of people don't get the point of bilingual education. They seem to read 'bilingual' and think 'lack of English' or 'no English'. It is very frustrating that many people are simply overlooking the fact that 'bilingual' means two languages, and that one of the main goals of bilingual education is to improve English acquisition. Grrr... how frustrating... all you have to do is wikipedia 'bilingual education' and it's there plain as day what the point of it is and how good it can be.

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Adriano said...

What gets me is hearing it from some teachers. And many people adamantly argue over this, refusing to listen to reason, research and most of all....the RIGHT to be educated your home lingo. By nature, we all assume so much in our lives and take things for granted, but this neo-assimilationist move is glaringly obvious and so very important. To all these people who believe that the quickest path to SAE literacy (functional and the rest) and social 'improvement' is by denying people their right to at least bilingual ed., I ask... please: prove it.