November 21, 2008

Words for 'language' in language - help needed!

Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education is putting together a poster to promote the Batchelor of Arts in Language and Linguistics degree. For the poster, they would like to have as many words for ‘language’ in Australian languages as possible. If you’re feeling generous and can think of some off the top of your head, your help would be appreciated.

Here’s what I know off the top of my head…

yang (Rembarrnga)
matha (Yolngu matha)
gun-wok (Mayali/Kunwinjku)
jaru (Ngarinyman)
liiny (Jaminjung)
nanggaya (Alawa)
daway (Marra)

Any additions appreciated!


Will said...

wangka, tjaa (Pitjantjatjara)

Anonymous said...

lhaawu or lhaagi (Wubuy)

Nice to see such an active blog lately!


sally dixon said...

wangki (Walmajarri, Juwaliny)
wangka (Western Desert languages, and most Pilbara languages too)

Jangari said...

Mattjin (Wagiman)
Warra (Kaurna)
and I suspect:
Nginingawila (Tiwi)

Adriano said...

Wangka - noongar/nyungar
Wangga - Wajarri and other MidWest languages