August 15, 2013

Do your bit for journalism in Australia and pay for your news

I'm a big fan of ABC's Media Watch. When Jonathan Holmes had his final episode last month, he talked passionately about how so much of Australia's news is now free and that it's affecting the quality of journalism in Australia. He urged:
"Whatever your politics, or your preferences, and even if you've never bought a newspaper, start subscribing to at least one media website: whether it's the Herald Sun or New Matilda, Crikey or the Sydney Morning Herald, old media or new, pay just a little to keep real journalism alive."
Well his argument persuaded me and I finally got around to doing something about it. I just forked out $70 for a concession subscription to the independent news website New Matilda and feel warm and fuzzy inside. New Matilda doesn't dangle carrots to get you to subscribe but that's okay. I have all the carrots I need. And I definitely wasn't going to give my cash to the waste of space that is the NT News or the colour-blinded Katherine Times.

I'm still considering subscribing to Crikey, even though I already have access to all their content via my involvement with Fully (sic). Not only are they probably the best independent news we have in Australia, I've gotten so much out of being able to contribute to Fully (sic), so it's the least I can do to give them something for their effort.

What about you? Does anyone else pay for news? If not, could you be persuaded to do so? Have a look at the Media Watch episode I mentioned and see if it motivates you to pay for your news too.

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