August 13, 2013

PhD Update

Just drafted another chapter. 22 weeks of scholarship left. Feels like 18 chapters to go. Wanna go home. Hate everyone. Hate everything. 72,000 words written. Still know nothing. 129 works cited. Still know nothing. Marra language still dying out. Kriol. Marra. Kriol. Marra. Knowledgemaintenancelossindicateindicateshiftdemonstrateindicatedemonstrateindicate. I see the blood on the leaves. I see the blood on the leaves. I see the blood on the leaves. Mustn't listen to manic Kanye West songs. Mustn't listen to sad Nina Simone songs.

That about sums it up. Now back to the grind...

*written on the #3 bus en route to Uni. 


Will said...

The Ph.D. thesis represents the contribution of new knowledge to the world. In your case, the knowledge is probably new to two worlds, blackfella, whitefella. That's enormous. So big you probably lose sight of it too easily.

Which is not to say the thesis isn't a bitch.

I'm always glad you're writing.

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, I really hated my PhD, too. I kept asking myself: "Why am I doing this to myself?" and "Who cares about what I'm writing about?" In fact, I ended up hating my PhD and now, five years later, can't stand to look at it.

If I had my PhD time over again, I wouldn't do it on the topic I did it on. Ahh... but hindsight is a wonderful thing!