February 22, 2006

Funding time

At the moment, I’m feeling very uncertain about the future. Worst case scenario for our funding is a disastrous one where Ngukurr Language Centre wont be able to have a linguist working there and it’ll basically close, like it did for two years a few years back. Best case scenario is that there’s nothing to worry about and that we’ll keep going the same way, but even still, we can never be sure from one year to the next what’s going to happen.

When it comes round to funding application time, these things weigh on my mind… what if there is no funding. What do this mob do then? What do I do then? What has been the value of the past couple of years if it’s just going to fall over again? It’s not a good way to work, always with the knowledge that it could all be over soon. How are you supposed to achieve anything in terms of community development when things can only develop ‘subject-to-funding’. It’s a big reason a lot of Ngukurr residents grow tired of hearing about the latest scheme, idea or ‘solution’.

Wish us luck. I’m hoping everything will be fine.

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Sophie said...

If the worst case scenario eventuates ( hopefully never)- then all the Ngukurr mob will be much better equipped to take it on than ever before and will have the inspiration of the time you did spend there wamut. You time and energy will certainly never be in vain. It all matters. everyday that you are there means something significant. Goodluck- see you in a couple of months.
big hug