February 14, 2006

'the man' is getting me down

Anybody seen that movie 'School of Rock'? ... where Jack Black's character is talking about sticking it to 'the man' and talking about 'the man' being any kind of oppressive force - being a specific person or just a general force.

Well 'the man' beat me hands down today and it's getting me down. 'The man' came at me from a few sides too, which makes it even harder.

I shouldn't really go into details for fear of getting too bitchy but just wanted to say that I don't feel so great right now.

I just want to learn, work with, teach, record, transcribe, write down, speak, listen to the endangered languages here and the people that speak them. But it's just not that straight forward. It never is I suppose.

Bobala mi.

In other news, I got an anonymous Valentine's Day card today, which is quite funny.


bulanjdjan said...

If you think about it, maybe you're there doing the work you're doing because of 'the man'. These languages are endangered because of his influence. And I don't think I need to make the obvious point (but will anyway) that it ain't 'the woman', but 'the man'. Good ol' partiarchy!

Sophie said...

Pobala main san...

Wamut said...

hehe... bulanjdjan: one of 'the men' is a woman. hehe...

yeah, they're still at me too. i'll blog about it soon.

but first i have to go for a jog to try get the 'man' out of my system. grrrrrrr