April 06, 2005

Easter Monday at Katherine gorge

good photo no? it's courtesy of C... thanks C! and no, i didn't scale a steep cliff-face, i arrived top-way and then took one step down to the next ledge and then stepped back up again... hehe


Emmie said...

Oh my god Greggie, don't do that again....it gives me a heart attack just looking at it you silly bugger. I have to lie down now.

Renae said...

Hey Greg! This photo looks like it's straight from one of those travel-wear catalogues.

Your blog is awesome - I've really enjoyed reading it so far, and will be checking in again.

Good to see you're staying true to your nerdy self :-)

Catalin said...

Don't you like the gee-tar picture? Why didn't you post that? Actually, I have a couple of you playing the guitar and another one at the gorge. I think your fans want more pix! We'll have to try to satisfy them.

My sister thinks you look like an Abercrombie model in this picture...

Wamut said...

hehe... yeah i do like the guitar pic, but it's looks weird because i can't play the guitar.

and sure, if you're offering to lend me more of your pics that'd be great (not that i asked to use this one in the first place!)