April 09, 2005

saturday nite dinner on the fire

Saturday evening at ngukurr and I’m doing something a bit different. I’m sitting outside my little shack in front of a fire with a giant bream cooking on it (well, a big bream, maybe not giant).

As with most Saturdays I was humbugged for this n that. Saying no isn’t an easy thing at all. Today’s ‘lucky winner’ was old B, my cousin or ‘magarra’. (NB. she was the ‘lucky winner’ because there usually at least 4 or 5 different groups of people wanting me to take them somewhere). Anyway we left late which suited me so at 2 we set off for to a place for fishing. We tried a couple of places and caught a few fish and the country was beautiful. Unfortunately, it didn’t feel like anything I hadn’t done before and I could’ve easily stayed home, but it was still a decent way to spend an afternoon. I couple of nice people came on the trip. Actually it would have been really lovely if I didn’t have a negative attitude and am eternally thinking about getting out of here.

This morning was much more domestic and involved watching tv, doing my washing, eating and writing postcards.

Yesterday, work was okay. We did some videoing – which we rarely do here. Mami R and my brother, or wawa, A put a few bits of Rembarrrnga on video. This was good. We did a few other bits n bobs, but I also got cranky again. Seems to be happening rather often. By five o’clock, mami R was still keen to transcribe Christian songs in Rembarrnga but by that stage I’d had enough. It was five o’clock and working on Christian songs isn’t my favourite thing to do at all. She even asked me today if we could keep going. Crikey! not on a Saturday.

Well, not much else to report. Everything’s okay at the moment. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. There’s very little chance I’ll have a day of peace and rest… well, my idea of a day of peace and rest anyway. (I mean, going fishing is lovely and relaxing for everyone else, but my idea of lovely and relaxing is lolling around home all day doing whatever the hell I want to do).

Oh, and thanks to anyone who’s reading this blog. I like the fact that people are reading and finding it interesting and thanks too for your comments.


Jhuny said...

So when are you going to site meter your blog so that you know who's visiting? It's very interesting...

By the way, you can send me a post card c/o Bangarra. Thanking you in advance!

Sarah said...

Hey Francis,

I'm getting homesick reading your blog - though it's good to be reminded how things are without the rose-coloured glasses.

And to be reminded of what is really important when life in the city all becomes sooo easy...