May 09, 2005

Ngandi course

Monday morning and somehow was stressing before work even started. geez i need to learn better stress management.

i was stressing because of the Ngandi course we've planned for this week... stressing firstly because i didn't know where the lecturer who is running the course was (he was due in last night) and secondly because i wasn't sure we'd get any more than a couple of students. anyway, i realised i was stressing for no reason and relaxed a bit, and by that time the lecturer had turned up...

seriously 75% of the rest of the day was spent behind the wheel... and i didn't even leave this stinkin community! (until 5pm when we went on a quick outing). firstly i was trying to find ppl to join in on the ngandi course, then i was picking up my usual mob, then running around on the usual errands, then it was lunchtime... geez i don't know what happened today, but i did a lot of running around.

The Ngandi course is going fine. It's being run by Batchelor college and they've brought in a munanga lecturer and tutors from numbulwar to teach some of this mob about Ngandi - language learning and reading and writing practice. Ngandi is very endangered so it's pretty special that this is happening because it won't be able to in a few years proabably. But there aren't many people interested in the course... a few, but not many. pity.

Unfortunately, i barely got to sit in on the course... and i hardly got to work with my regular mob either.... what happened to my day today? dunno... but something musta happened cuz i'm buggered.

oh and my weekend... uneventful and relatively humbug free! i spent saturday horizontal watching dvds and sunday was weirdly compelled to have a minor cleaning bee in my office.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Francis,
I love your blogs. Cant believe you are still out there in the sticks.
I almost cry everytime I read them. But I'll be back soon to see you and all your banji's...and we can go to ???Rio's???(forget what it is now)