May 31, 2005

sick today

i feel sick today. nothing bad, just under the weather with that general ache-y feeling.

so i haven't done much work today and had a good sleep this morning after watching the end of the Spongebob Squarepants movie.

but this afternoon I had to do a couple of jobs and the language centre mob all came over... not for long luckily because i wanted to have a lie down. but my baba stayed for a cup of tea... he's sick too... so after that we went to get some bush medicine so we can get better. it was the first time i've ever gotten bush medicine for me! pretty neat. we got some dumbuyumbu. I came back, boiled it up and made a tea out of it. but you know what? it's so gross! haha... i'm still trying to drink it.

But then again, it is medicine... and medicine always tastes gross. i'm gonna try and drink some more.

i'll blog more later.

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