July 04, 2005

I'm in Melbourne!

Hello to anyone I know still reading this.

As you may have gathered, I've left Ngukurr now. I'm on holidays!

I don't feel like writing in this blog much anymore... sorry. I might start up with regular posting again, specially when I go back to Ngukurr.

But if youse wanna know anything... ask me something in a 'comment'.

Anyway, Melbourne is good. I'm staying with my lovely friend N in St. Kilda. My good mate R came from Adelaide to see me yesterday. We met up with my old friend A and my old nextdoor neighbour D and guess what we did? We went to the footy!! At the MCG!! It was incredible. Best ever. I'll hafta post the photos. St Kilda beat the Bulldogs in a close game. Hehe... loved it.

So yeah, holidays are good, but I'm missing everyone in Ngukurr and Hodgson Downs and Katherine too. Doesn't matter tho', I'm gonna enjoy my holidays while I gottem.