January 31, 2007

not-so-hypothetical scenario

Okay, here's a scenario that happened to me a few weeks ago. I didn't know what to do. What would you do?

You're on holidays in Broome, staying at a nice resort having a relaxing time. You go to the cafe/restaurant for an afternoon coffee and you're sitting there reading a really good book. Tourist season is long gone so it's quiet - actually, you're the only one there at that point in time - so it's extra relaxing. You're into your book and enjoying your coffee. Out of the corner of your eye you notice other people coming in, so you glance up and then go back to what you were reading. When you go back to you book, you realise you've just seen the Prime Minister and his wife. You look up again and they've gone behind you to the back to sit down and have some lunch while one of their minder sits quietly and the door to the restaurant. Understandably, you're in a bit of shock, feeling nervous/excited.... what do you do next????

And so what did I do? I texted an 'ohmygod' text to my friend wondering if I should do something. But I was too freaked by being that close to someone so powerful and it was much easier to just keep reading my book. And that's what I did!

Still makes a good story though doesn't it?

January 30, 2007

getting there...

I've had a lovely long holiday and am feeling much less burnt out... I'm back at work in Katherine and it's nearly time for me to go back to Ngukurr. I don't feel quite ready (not sure if I can ever be really ready) but getting there...

I'll start posting stuff again soon, but hello to anyone reading this and hope you had a loverly Christmas and New Years.