August 25, 2005

View from the front door

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While in Melbourne, my good friend Nikki put me up at her place in St Kilda. Leaving her apartment each day, I was greeted by this wonderful view (and lots of screaming from the people on the rollercoaster). How can you not smile when this is the first you see when you leave home?


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After the game, we all got to run onto the field, which was actually very hazardous due to the hundreds of footies being kicked around. We all got hit at least once! hehe. In the photo is Anth, Richie, Me and Dave. (I had the best time that day!)

Me at the MCG

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Having at the game, with Anth and Dave. So many ppl! Photo by Richie Bauer.


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At the MCG. St Kilda v Western Bulldogs. Awesome.