January 23, 2006

been so long

sorry sopi and others

i've had a month long break from work and hadn't felt like blogging. actually, i still don't feel like blogging but i thought i'd better say hello after my mami's capital letter comment.

i'm in katherine and have been back at work nearly a week. i should be off to ngukurr next week. i can't say i'm looking forward to it, but i know i'll be fine when i get there.

it's proper wet season now so it looks like i'll be flying in to ngukurr and then will be there until the rivers decide to go down again (or jum jum in alawa). that might a good couple of months.

i had a good break but it didn't really go as planned thanks to the guy who decided i would be the target of his random act of violence and fractured my cheekbone for me. that was followed by some minor surgery. fun fun. i'm still a bit sore about it - mentally and physically - and i'm not my usual cheery self at the moment. apart from that, my break was good and got to see lots of ppl i care about and hadn't seen for ages. and went to a very dear old friends wedding too. here's a pic. thanks wt for the photo!