December 04, 2010

gossip circles

I love the network of gossip around remote communities (or in any small community, I suppose). The intricate communication networks are quite astounding. A nice little example I was involved in was yesterday:

4pm: JJ calls from Ngukurr. I was in a meeting so didn't answer phone. JJ then calls CK who was in the same meeting. CK answered and put me on the phone. JJ's two daughters are travelling and in Katherine and could I lend them some money for their dinner tonight. "OK, no worries, I'll sort it out after the meeting".

5:30pm: Went to see IP who I knew would know where the two girls were so I could give them some money. Yes, she knew where they were so off I went on my scooter to lend them $50.

: Arrived at place where 2 girls were staying. Gave them $50. They laughed because they were hoping to get a lift to Red Rooster to buy some dinner, but they didn't know I was travelling by scooter. They also laughed: "Did IP tell you about almost sliding off the Wilton River crossing today"? No, she didn't.

9pm: See IP. "Hey you didn't tell me about nearly sliding off the Wilton River Crossing!". IP: "Haha.. who told you!?"

Next morning: JJ calls from Ngukurr. "Ah the girls thought it was so funny when you turned up in the scooter". Me: "Haha... they told you already?"

Too quick these stories go around! :)