February 08, 2007



Has anyone looked into or had a go at contributing to Wikipedia?

It looks like there's a bit of a rigmarole, but might be worth doing?


Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact I just created a Wagiman Language page, but I have a few reservations about putting too much information on it, public domain now as it is with the online dictionary, I still feel some cultural privacy should be respected.
There's a large portion of Wikipedia devoted to Indigenous Australian languages; it even has it's own acronym "ia". They have (supposedly exhaustive) lists of languages, ethnic groups, clans, etc. I don't know who creates all these pages, but they appear to know their stuff.
Give it a go, Wamut. It's easy when you get the hang of it, and you can always view the code of other pages and copy-paste sections to use as templates. That's what I did to get the little ethnologue information box and the phonemic inventory tables. But it can take up a lot of time, trust me.

nginarra said...

Yeah, i've had a bit more of a look. I think i'd need plenty of time on my hands to really get stuck into it.

Although I have had a go editing bits of other pages, which is pretty fun. (I updated the list of teams in the Katherine District Football League! hehehe)